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Do you know a Super Star?

NFHCS Super Stars

At Not Forgotten Home and Community Services, we like to recognize when people make accomplishments, reach goals, and show growth in their lives and community.   

Congratulations to Katrina, our 2023 Q1 Superstar Employee!

Katrina Super Star Employee.jpg

Giving back to the community

Not Forgotten has some amazing Super Stars and each quarter we like to recognize a Not Forgotten employee who not only gets nominated but has proven to do an outstanding job! The person who nominated Katrina said that she is “dedicated and a great team player.”  Those are the words we like to hear at Not Forgotten and Katrina McAnany is that employee!

Katrina used to work in a variety of hospitals and medical facilities.  After many years of this type of work, Katrina became overwhelmed and decided to change her career path. She longed for a change but wanted a job that still made her feel like she can  “give back” to humanity in some way.


This journey led her to Not Forgotten Home and Community Services, where she works in a residential environment with two of our participants.  Her dedication to “the ladies” is above and beyond as she takes them to fitness, art, movies, shopping, and so much more! In fact, due to her outstanding work, she is being trained and advanced to a Team Lead position!


Not only does Katrina love working at Not Forgotten, but she feels like life gave her something back in return. 


Three years ago, Katrina was in an automobile accident and hurt her back.  At the hospital, Katrina was given an MRI.  She then got the shock of her life when the doctors told her that they discovered a tumor on her brain.  The doctors were able to remove the tumor and now she is healthy!  She gets a scan every year just to make sure that she stays that way!  She does not waste a day of her life and she is truly grateful for a second chance by devoting herself in all ways. 


Katrina is always looking for ways to increase her skills and in her spare time, she is going to school to learn how to do medical billing and coding. Congratulations to Katrina, you are a Super Star!

Congratulations to Scott, our March 2023 Superstar!

March 2023 Scott Super Star!.jpg

The Extra Mile

Scott is the Not Forgotten Superstar for March 2023!  Those who know Scott are in complete agreement, he is a definite Superstar!  Not only is Scott warm and pleasant but he genuinely seeks opportunities to lend a hand.  This translates into all aspects of his life and interactions.  Scott has been an employee of Giant Eagle for 14 years. 


Each week, Scott receives an “Extra Mile” reward card at his job.  Not all employees receive this type of reward.  Giant Eagle staff must demonstrate consistent efforts of aiding customers in an exceptional way.  Although Scott is a cashier, he also offers to assist people with their groceries to their car (especially seniors and others who may need to have additional support).  The reward card gives him a few extra dollars to spend on groceries or whatever he may need to have. 


Scott went to Woodland Hills High School and was set to graduate in 1999.  Although Scott was taking extra classes his senior year at Mon Valley School, he was just a couple of credits shy to graduate with his classmates at Woodland Hills High School.  For this reason, Scott’s family gave him a huge graduation ceremony with 150 people in attendance in the family back yard. All of this made the news, so Scott is familiar with his Superstar capacity! 


Scott went to Duquesne University after high school where he learned independent living skills.  Scott lives independently in his own condo located in Squirrel Hill. Scott has a loving family as well as NF staff who check in with him weekly. He lives close by to his best pal, Liz and they can be found doing activities together on a weekly basis. 


Scott has a variety of interests and especially loves to sing and dance.  He also enjoys basketball and recently received a 2nd place award through Special Olympics. Furthermore, Scott enjoys bowling and he participates in a league each week at Bowl-A-Rama.  Besides that, Scott participates in Not Forgotten’s Don’t Forget Ur Fabulous program (DFUrF!). This is a wellness program that helps Scott to make healthy lifestyle choices and of course, he is doing an exceptional job! Over the years, Scott volunteered at The Jewish Community Center in the Early Childhood Development Department.  He did this for many years until the onset of Covid restrictions. He loved this type of volunteer work and hopes to return to it someday.  A few years ago, Scott also met his special sweetheart, Katie!  They get together often and enjoy dinner, movies, and fun activities!


Congratulations to Scott, you certainly are a superstar!

Congratulations to Gail, our February 2023 Superstar!

Gail Superstar.jpg

Gail, or “Miss Gail” as she is sometimes called is a definite Superstar! 

Gail is a Studio Forget-Me-Not artist and resident with Not Forgotten! She is beyond creative, and she has a hearty laugh that everyone enjoys!


Gail retired 5 years ago from Goodwill where she worked for many years! As she states, “it was a retirement well-deserved.”  She loves to take art classes, cook occasionally, and make jewelry.  She especially loves to draw panthers, lions, and tigers.  She also enjoys taking our ceramics classes at the studio where she created the house in the photo.  She and her roommate enjoy stringing bracelets together that they give as gifts to so many people. At home, she relaxes by watching her favorite movies and listening to music.  Her favorite musicians are James Brown and The Temptations!  Congratulations to Gail, you are the February Superstar! 

Congratulations to Kate, our January 2023 Superstar!

Kate is a superstar in all aspects of her life! She is a superstar in her relationships, in her career, in living independently, and in her wellness journey. 


Kate is funny, classy, smart, caring, thoughtful, and endearing. She is admired and loved by all who know her. Her bonds with family, co-workers, friends, and support staff are very strong and mutual. For Kate, spending quality time with loved ones and friends is so important to her happiness and successful life. Kate enjoys vacations with her family at the beach, Sunday afternoon yoga & brunch with her neighbor friend, Friday night out with “the girls,” getting her hair and nails done at the beauty salon with her “pink girls.” There are too many authentic and successful relationships to mention, but Kate puts great care into them all.


Kate has worked at Giant Eagle for 17 years as a front-end bagger. Working at GE is important for Kate as she loves helping customers and “making her money.” Kate has been fulfilling an important role at PaTTEN (Pennsylvania Training and Technical Assistance Network) for 21 years as a support staff. She really enjoys her work and her time with her PaTTEN work family. 


If you went to visit Kate in her apartment for the first time, she would give you a tour of her “sanctuary.” Some of the things that she does in her apartment that make her a superstar is looking up recipes on her computer, writing out her holiday cards, doing her weekly chores, laundry, watering her plants, watching her favorite sports games, attending zoom meetings and enjoying visits with her friends. Kate takes initiative in everything, and seeing her take leadership in her home is inspiring. 


In her personal health & wellness journey, she participates in NFHCS’s, Don’t Forget Ur Fabulous Wellness Program. Kate has set and attained health goals that both are heart-healthy and helped her to look great in her “Night to Remember” dress! She puts a lot of time and effort in meal planning, tracking, cooking, meal portions, strength training/cardio classes, yoga classes, dance classes, and DFUrF Coaching Meetings. It is great to see all her hard work pay off in ownership of her H&W journey. Keep up the great work, Kate! 


Congratulations, Kate, for being a superstar in everything you do in life. You are an inspiration to so many of us! Thank You! 

Congratulations to Steven, our December 2022 Superstar!
Steven final.jpg

Our December Superstar is Steven!


We can’t say enough about our December Super Star!


To say Steven hits the ground running is the literal truth. Although Steven couldn’t walk until the age of 3 or bike until the age of 10, Steven now runs all the time! He especially likes to run each Wednesday with PRO BIKE+RUN located in Monroeville! 


So far, Steven has participated in a total of 10 half-marathons and he’s fast! His fastest half marathon was 1 hour and 22 minutes! Each holiday season, Steven makes his rounds on a ‘Christmas card run’. This evolved out of Steven’s wish to give everyone holiday greetings in his own way. Instead of sending Christmas cards, he does a 25-mile holiday run to greet and give holiday wishes to his friends and neighbors!


In his spare time, you can find Steven volunteering as an assistant coach at Plum Borough High School for their cross-country track team and as a volunteer coach for the Plum Elementary School’s running program. Outside of his love for the sport of running, Steven volunteers at Bible School in many local churches, the Garden City Food Pantry, and in many public libraries in his community. 


He also works at Giant Eagle and has been employed by them for 8 years. Steven lives independently with the support of home and community staff, behavioral staff, and job coaches.

Congratulations to Steven, you are a Super Star!

Congratulations to Shane, our November 2022 Superstar!

Shane or “Shane Dogg” as he likes to be called is all about accomplishment, hard work and a big personality! He likes to give people “peace and love” wishes and will often stop people to chat just to make them smile!


Shane has been working for Giant Eagle for 18 years! This is where he dresses as Santa annually and packs people’s groceries with a smile. It’s no surprise that Shane has been a greeter at his church for five years. That enthusiasm takes on a front-and-center role in his daily life. 


Shane never lets obstacles stop him as he strives for major accomplishments. When he was in high school, he ran for Homecoming King, campaigned diligently, and won! After high school, Shane attended CCAC and graduated from their Environmental Green Cleaning program. He cleaned a local gym for a period while still working at Giant Eagle. 


Shane is also trained and certified in America’s Boating Course. In addition, Shane loves music, especially Doo-Wop, and plays the keyboard. To this day, he plays for his family over the holidays! He has also performed fun impromptu raps at many of the Not Forgotten sponsored dances. 


Three and half years ago, Shane decided to move into his own apartment, and he is still happily living there independently. He worked hard toward the goal of living independently with support from Not Forgotten Home and Community Services, Shane created his own Social Club with his staff, Laura. This is called “The Happy Club” and meetings occur once a month at the Wexford Starbucks.  


Shane loves to travel to visit relatives and friends and explore new places. He recently returned from a trip to see his brother who lives in San Diego. In Shane’s spare time, he enjoys traveling, golfing, telling jokes, taking walks, and doing things with friends at church and his family. 

When you meet Shane you’ll probably hear him say “Howdy”, so say “Howdy” right back!!

Congratulations to Evin! You are our October 2022 Super Star!

Evin  super star!.jpg

Congratulations to Evin for being nominated to be the NF Superstar for October 2022! 

Evin is a superstar for so many reasons and he recently celebrated a 30-year anniversary of being employed by Giant Eagle. He is an excellent employee, and he started his job there in August of 1992! He currently works 4 days a week at the Parkway Center store. If you stop by this store, you will see Evin (no matter the weather) gathering carts in a timely manner.  Be sure to say hi to Evin and thank him for his years of service out our local grocery store.


In addition, Evin is kind-hearted, and he enjoys social activities with his friends.  He loves to go to the casino and he loves to attend dances with his peers.

Congratulations to Eva! You are our September 2022 Super Star!

a Superstar!.jpg

There are so many reasons that Eva was nominated to be our September Superstar!


Eva is an artist, and she is always enthusiastic—specifically about painting! Eva takes art classes at all of our Forget-Me-Not locations (including the Baierl Family YMCA location), and she is very excited to attend each class.


She also enjoys other art mediums, including paper making, felting, and pottery! Plus, she is an entrepreneur with her own jewelry and card-making business.


In addition, she is an art student at Creative Citizen Studios, an adaptive dancer at Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, and a yoga practitioner at Open Up PGH.


She is a helper within the Pittsburgh community and volunteers with The Jewish Association on Aging, and delivers kosher meals to seniors. Eva loves long nature walks, swimming, music, and laughing. Eva lives in Shaler with her family and little cat, Coco. 


Many Congratulations to Eva for being our September Super Star! We wish her the best as she evolves her life and career! Her work can be found at Gallery Forget-Me-Not (323 E. Main Street, Carnegie, PA) and on her own Etsy shop called Evlogia Studio.

Congratulations to Heather! You are our July 2022 Super Star!

Heather super star finalfinal.jpg

Heather is an amazing artist! She lives at home with her mom, dad, and 6 cats! She likes to spend her time going out to Starbucks, collecting stamps, traveling to Florida, and reading. 


Heather faces a variety of challenges that can make it more difficult for her to find hobbies that she can easily participate in and enjoy. However, Heather is a true artist, and she loves to express herself in a creative way. 

Heather’s interest in art began when she started to illustrate cards for family and friends. 


She then participated in a few art classes in which her art expanded into painting. Heather primarily likes to paint flowers, cats, trees, and beach themed paintings. She loves that her art keeps her busy and brings joy and happiness to people around her. She also loves to learn new styles of art and about different artists. 


Lastly, Heather appreciates those who purchase and display her art! Check out Heather work on her FB page called Heather’s Creative Canvas or at Gallery Forget-Me-Not – 329 E. Main Street, Carnegie, PA


Congratulations to Larry! You are our June 2022 Super Star!

Untitled design (7).jpg

Larry has challenges in his life that he must deal with and endure every day whether he wants to or not. He meets these challenges in a very courageous way and remains upbeat, happy, and positive.


Many people know him as the guy who has a great sense of humor, likes to make you laugh and he makes up crazy words or names to fit the mood and projects he is working on.


Larry is always a genuine ray of sunshine. He is kind and empathetic to others and works very hard on his art projects, playing guitar, and volunteer work.

Congratulations to Ricky! You are our May 2022 Super Star!


Ricky has a wonderful relationship with everyone, and he shows this by always being happy when you see him! He has a strong spirit of enthusiasm, and it translates through his life successes.


Ricky was specifically nominated because he has a spirit of excitement for learning new exercises, and he never gives up when things are difficult. He always perseveres with the encouragement of peers and coaches. Plus, he is a recent Gold Medalist from the Special Olympics!


Ricky, this High-Five is for you! Keep up the good work!

If you know of know of a Super Star that you'd like to nominate, please email a brief description as to why they should be a NF Super Star and send us a photo of them.  

Click here to complete the nomination form!

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