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The Not Forgotten Team
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Our Board

Caroletta Richards

Meghan Blaskowitz

Phillip Young

Executive Team
Executive Director
Sonja Garnett-Williams
New Jonathan w.heic
Jonathan Williams
Director of Administration
New Cheryl.heic
Cheryl Allen 
Laura Stuart
Studio Forget-Me-Not!
New Vicki K.heic
Vicki Karabasz
Director of HR
Angelique King
Director of Risk & Quality Improvement & Incident Manager /  Compliance Officer
New Barb M.heic
Barb Meglen
Executive Assistant
Administration Team
New MaryAnn.heic
Mary Ann Ndwayni
Director of
New Brian.heic
Brian Uher
Assistant Director of HAB
New Daria.heic
Daria Price
Director of Services
New Colleen.heic
Colleen McBride
Director of Residential
Charlene Stiffey
Nurse Coordinator
Jeanine Graham
Billing Specialist
New Magnolia.heic
Magnolia White-Horton
Record Keeper
Michelle Graham-Putt
Senior Director of Residential / Program Specialist
Wes Garnett.jpg
Wes Garnett
Human Resources Consultant
New Trudy.heic
Trudy Butler
Manager of Recruiting and Scheduling
Sam Ward Profile.jpg
Sam Ward
Computer/Information Systems
New Gina.heic
Gina Buffo
Residential Coordinator
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