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The Not Forgotten Team
Directors      Managers      Administrators
Our Board

Mattie Wood


Carlotta Richards


Meghan Blaskowitz

Executive Director
Sonja Garnett-Williams
Josie Wiley
Kathy Bell
Director of Finance
Contracted Compliance Officer 
Daria Jack
Executive Assistant Director
Jonathan Williams
Workforce Development
Training Coordinator
Vicki Karabasz
Office Manager
Rickeya Giles -Cottrell
Residential Housing Liaison Manger
Leon Reese
Program Specialist
Michelle Graham-Putt
Program Specialist
Angelique Krahn
Incident Manager
Halim Elamin "Amin"
Club Facilitator, Club FMN! EAST - Monroeville, PA
Laura Stuart
Creative Service Director
Studio Forget-Me-Not!