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At Not Forgotten Home & Community Services, we work with individuals to aid in the development of all ability levels.  We provide a variety of services to promote a holistic life so that each individual can prosper.

Art created by individual with intellectual disabilities.

"Through My Window"

Painted by a student at Studio Forget-Me-Not!

Home and Community Habilitation Support (Hab)

Work, social, and recreational activities play an important role in the lives of all people, including adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Activities enable the development of social skills and personal relationships that foster a sense of community and provide enjoyment to daily life.

In-Home and Community Support is a direct care service provided in the home and/or community settings. The goal is to assist participants in acquiring, maintaining and improving independence skills necessary to live, work and play in the community while participating meaningfully in community life.

Services consist of assistance, support and guidance (physical assistance, instruction, prompting, modeling, and reinforcement) in the general areas of self-care, health maintenance, decision-making, home management, managing personal resources, communication, mobility and transportation, relationship development and socialization, personal adjustment, participating in community functions and activities, and the use of community resources. 

Companion Services

Companion Services are direct care services provided to participants, who live in private homes with their family and/or caregiver. This service is intended to assist the participant to participate more meaningfully in home and community life. This service may be provided in-home and community settings, including the participant’s competitive employment workplace. Staff is responsible for providing supervision or assistance, designed to ensure the participant’s health, safety, and welfare.  


Companion services are used in lieu of In-Home and Community Support when a habilitative outcome is not appropriate or feasible (i.e. when the professional providing the service mainly does activities for the participant or supervises the participant, versus assisting the participant to learn, enhance or maintain a skill). Companions may supervise, assist, or even perform activities for a participant that include: grooming, household care, meal preparation and planning, ambulating, medication administration in accordance with regulatory guidance and socialization.

Residential Services

A safe, welcoming, comfortable place to call home is essential to living a life of independence. We have a number of beautiful homes within our community conveniently, located in desirable neighborhoods.  While structured differently to best meet individual needs, as well as to comply with state regulations, all of our homes offer high-quality services, with the shared goal of supporting individuals to thrive at home and in the community.


These broad ranges of activities that occur in a participant’s home include, but are not limited to, personal care, cooking, interaction with housemates, developing relationships, participating in the ISP, budgeting and banking, activities in the community, etc.

Employment Services

Our employment service department is in its planning stages.  Our long-term goals include job training, skill development, job coaching, and other services to help individuals who seek to gain financial steps toward independence.


Our focus areas of development are as follows:

  • Achieving employment and community inclusion are cornerstones of ODP policies, principles and practices.

  • Executive Order 2016-03 - Establishing “Employment First” Policy and Increasing Competitive Integrated Employment for Pennsylvanians with a Disability, states that competitive integrated employment is “the first consideration and preferred outcome” for “working-age Pennsylvanians with a disability.”

  • Advanced Supported Employment

  • Small Group Employment

  • Supported Employment

These services encourage and support individuals through the process that is expected to lead to an employment outcome.

Click here to download our Non-Discriminiation in Services Policy statement 

Activities Based on Personal CHOICE

Introducing a NEW, non-traditional alternative to routine adult day programs for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 


At Not Forgotten Home & Community Services, we offer daily activities that are based on personal choice.


Individuals are able to find something they like to do based on their interests and personal goals.


We offer a variety of community activities such as art classes, fitness events, cooking groups, garden clubs, dance parties, games, karaoke and so much more! Our program activities are community-oriented and designed to provide individuals with all-inclusive options. We currently have three creative locations and we offer activities within all areas of the Pittsburgh region.

Studio Forget-Me-Not! - Located at 329 E. Main Street, Carnegie, PA. 

Studio Forget-Me-Not! is an art space where adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities can explore unlimited artistic exploration with a large variety of classes. 


Our focus is to encourage creativity by working to develop our  artists' many abilities. At Studio-Forget-Me-Not! we go beyond traditional art practice with a fun and colorful exploration of multiple art mediums.  We offer monthly classes and we give our individuals the option to sell their work in our gallery/store.


Gallery Forget-Me-Not! and MORE - Located adjacent to Studio Forget-Me-Not! 323 E. Main Street, Carnegie, PA 15106

Gallery Forget-Me-Not is a new facility and retail space that showcases art and works created in our art classes and various programs.  It is also a space where local artisans can consign their work.  Volunteer opportunities are available

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