New to ZOOM?

Here are answers to commom questions

Zoom is a fun way to see your friends and be at a safe social distance!


How do I participate in ZOOM class instruction?  

  • You can participate using a tablet, computer, or smartphone. For the phone, you will need to download the ZOOM app.  This app is free to download. Plus, you will need to provide us with your email address.  This is how we send you the invite.  


How do I get art supplies for the art classes and athletics? 

Is there a fee? 

  • Yes, there is a fee for some classes and some activities are FREE! 


Do I need to pre-register?  

  • YES!—For these classes, we need to know an exact count of our participants so that we all supplies ready.  You even need to now sign up for the free classes.  PLEASE pre-register by email. 


What happens if I need to have assistance during the class?  

  • Zoom instructors can give you verbal input through zoom but they are not able to assists with tactile help.  We ask that staff/parents participate side-by-side with individuals.