Our Club is currently Closed Due to Covid -19

Club Forget-Me-Not! EAST

500 Garden City Drive, Monroeville, PA 15146


To endorse the uniqueness of all individuals through inclusion and creative opportunities.

Ability Focused

Ongoing instruction

Creative exploration



Choice Driven


Class & Activity Registration

Club Forget-Me-Not! EAST - Monroeville, PA

Club Forget-Me_Not! East is brought to you by Not Forgotten Home & Community Services of Pittsburgh.

Club Forget-Me-Not is available for individuals to utilize. This state-of-the-art facility offers a variety of activities that include art, music, dance, yoga, games and so much more! 

Plan an activity to suit your group or visit us during our open club times.

Staff must be with individuals at all times. Likewise, children are required to be with a parent or guardian at all times. Schedules are subject to change.

Please call ahead to book your group.

Club Facilitator

Halim Elamin "Amin"  Email: helamin@nfhcs.org


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