September/October 2020  - ACTIVITIES!

You can book your spot today here! 

The following information will need to be in the email:  

  1. Class/Activity Name:

  2. Date of Class/Activity:

  3. Number of individuals attending:

  4. Name/s of individuals who are attending:

  5. Do you plan to pick up supplies?       If so, which date (see below under Zoom Art)?

  6. Email address for Zoom invitations:

For any activity requiring payment, you can call 724-674-8856 and we can take credit cards by phone.  Or, we can take cash/check if you plan to pick up Volcano Padds or art kits. In addition, payments can be made through our NF PayPal account.  




Carnegie FARMERS MARKET— Sundays—Free public event!

Carnegie now has a farmers market each Sunday! It is located on Main street from 12 to 3 pm.  Furniture Forget-Me-Not is now participating each Sunday in this market.  Stop by 31 E. Main Street to visit!  This market will be going on through October 18th! Lots of vendors with a great variety of foods, crafts, and products. 

Announcing ANGEL MADE—As part of the Carnegie farmer’s market, Furniture Forget-Me-Not will feature ANGEL MADE—If it tastes like Heaven, it must be ANGEL MADE! - Not Forgotten Home and Community Services is proud to announce this new endeavor!  Created by our own Angel and her staff, Jean.  We will introduce samplings at the Farmer’s Market on Septhember 13th! Visit us to learn more!


BINGO—Mondays—6pm—$5 per week

Join Christy Each Monday for Bingo!  You will have the chance to win prizes!


Zoom YOGA—Mondays and Wednesdays—$5 per session

Introducing Zoom Yoga! – Get fit and tranquil while you increase your flexibility.  Join Joey from Zoom Athletics for these relaxing yet challenging classes!

Mondays—7pm to 8pm - $5 per session

Wednesday—7pm to 8pm - $5 per session


Zoom Athletics—Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays—$5 per session

Zoom Athletics – If you are new to Zoom Athletics, you can order a Volcano Padd through Laura for only $15 – a definite discount!

Tuesdays—7pm to 8pm - $5 per session

Thursdays— 7pm to 8pm - $5 per session

Saturdays—1pm to 2pm - $5 per session


Don’t Forget you're Fabulous!

Coming soon!  Customized wellness support by way of zoom! A healthy and holistic approach to daily living. Learn about ways to eat healthy, keep moving, and feed the soul with positive approaches to wellness.


ZOOM ART—Fridays—2pm—$10 per class

ART KIT PICK UP DATES: Thursday, September 3rd, Friday, September 4th, Wednesday, September 9th! 12:30 to 5pm ALL DAYS

September 11—Patchwork Houses—Join us to make a colorful, fun, and whimsical house out of scrap materials.  These are sure to be hit!

September 18—Paint Blob Owl Faces—Oh for the love of owls!  These owls will make you smile as they are created out of paint blobs.  We will learn a bit about symmetry and owls as we create these colorful birds!

September 25—Corky Robots—We love to create and upcycle!  Join us to make the cutest little robots out of upcycled corks!  A hit for sure!

October 16—Socks with Soul—Because its that time of year and because witches love their crazy socks!  Join the fun go to create a a slightly freakish yet fun sock painting.

October 23—Sugar Skull Collage—Scraps, scissor, glue, embellishments.  This is going to be one of our most fun projects yet!  Learn about the Mexican holiday, “Day of the Dead” and create a collage that will tease your cranium.

October 30—Monster Mittens—Sewing and soft sculpture will be part of this fun project!  I am happy to announce that we will use a needle and yarn on mittens to make these soft and spooky friends.



Pittsburgh Botanical Gardens  - $10 -

September 16 - We can book a group of friends to visit The Pittsburgh Botanical Gardens.  We have to purchase tickets in advance, so if you plan to go, please let us know by September 11th We will plan to vist on Wednesday, Setember 16th.

Happy Halloween at the Drive-In - Saturday, October 17th. Enjoy a physically distanced Halloween adventure at the Drive-In Theatre. Watch a spooky movie car-side with friends.  Feel free to dress in costumes too!  We cannot book this without enough interest!  More specifics to come.  If interested, please email Christy Sheaffer  If you are interested, you must book with Christy by Friday, October 9th!

Shop and Walk - Squirrel Hill with friends—Free

Tuesday—September 22—1pm

Join Liz and Scott for a walk and shop at the cute shops of Squirrel Hill.  We will meet in front of Giant Eagle in Squirrel Hill. As we stroll the shops of Squirrel Hill we will get to see friends and stay 6 feet apart. End the afternoon with frozen yogurt! Be sure to bring your masks and some money for this fun shopping adventure. 

Shop and Walk - Zelienople, PA with Friends—Free!

Monday, September 21st—4pm to 6pm

Take a drive out of the city and into the quaint town of Zelienople.  We will meet on Main Street and walk to the park.  Get some exercise, socialize and check out the Farmers market. The park in Zelienople has a Farmers market each Monday night.  Bring cash with you, as you may wish to shop while you are there.  Wear comfortable shoes!


Shop and Walk McCandless Crossing—North Hills - Free! 

Monday, October 5th - 4pm

Shop and walk with Laura and Shane at McCandless Crossing.  We will meet at 4pm and check out boutiques and stores together.  Bring some $ with you as you may wish to purchase something at some of the local store. Stores include: Old Navy, Trader Joes, Dick's , Home Goods, Style Encore, Gifted Hands and so much more. We will end the night at Chipoltle for dinner!   


Additional Community Adventures to Consider on your own!

Drive-In Movie Options

Please note: Each of the drive-ins have specific rules for visiting during the pandemic. Check out the drive-in’s website (link under each) to read those rules. Here are links to 6 local drive-in theaters.

1. Dependable Drive-In – Moon—

2. Riverside Drive-In – Vandergrif  -

3. Evergreen Drive-In – Mt. Pleasant  -

4. Brownsville Drive-In – Grindstone  -

5. Comet Drive-In – Dunbar  -

6. Skyview Drive-In – Carmichaels  -


Rent your own movie theater!


Zoo Boo Drive Through

Pittsburgh Botanical Garden


Check out our Virtual Art Show - August 21st through September 30th.  

Go to


Hope to see you!


Laura Stuart

Director, Creative Services/Activities

Studio Forget-Me-Not!

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