2022 Super Stars

At Not Forgotten Home and Community Services, we like to recognize when people make accomplishments, reach goals, and show growth in their lives and community.   

Starting in May of 2022, we are making sure to recognize our

Super Stars!

Congratulations to Eva! You are our September Super Star!

a Superstar!.jpg

There are so many reasons that Eva was nominated to be our September Superstar!


Eva is an artist, and she is always enthusiastic—specifically about painting! Eva takes art classes at all of our Forget-Me-Not locations (including the Baierl Family YMCA location), and she is very excited to attend each class.


She also enjoys other art mediums, including paper making, felting, and pottery! Plus, she is an entrepreneur with her own jewelry and card-making business.


In addition, she is an art student at Creative Citizen Studios, an adaptive dancer at Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, and a yoga practitioner at Open Up PGH.


She is a helper within the Pittsburgh community and volunteers with The Jewish Association on Aging, and delivers kosher meals to seniors. Eva loves long nature walks, swimming, music, and laughing. Eva lives in Shaler with her family and little cat, Coco. 


Many Congratulations to Eva for being our September Super Star! We wish her the best as she evolves her life and career! Her work can be found at Gallery Forget-Me-Not (31 E. Main Street, Carnegie, PA) and on her own Etsy shop called Evlogia Studio.

We wish a big congratulations to our July Super-Star!

Congratulations to Heather!

Heather super star finalfinal.jpg

Heather is an amazing artist! She lives at home with her mom, dad, and 6 cats! She likes to spend her time going out to Starbucks, collecting stamps, traveling to Florida, and reading. 


Heather faces a variety of challenges that can make it more difficult for her to find hobbies that she can easily participate in and enjoy. However, Heather is a true artist, and she loves to express herself in a creative way. 

Heather’s interest in art began when she started to illustrate cards for family and friends. 


She then participated in a few art classes in which her art expanded into painting. Heather primarily likes to paint flowers, cats, trees, and beach themed paintings. She loves that her art keeps her busy and brings joy and happiness to people around her. She also loves to learn new styles of art and about different artists. 


Lastly, Heather appreciates those who purchase and display her art! Check out Heather work on her FB page called Heather’s Creative Canvas or at Gallery Forget-Me-Not – 31 E. Main Street, Carnegie, PA


We wish a big congratulations to our June Super-Star!

Congratulations to Heather!

Untitled design (7).jpg

Larry has challenges in his life that he must deal with and endure every day whether he wants to or not. He meets these challenges in a very courageous way and remains upbeat, happy, and positive. Many people know him as the guy who has a great sense of humor, likes to make you laugh and he makes up crazy words or names to fit the mood and projects he is working on. He is always a genuine ray of sunshine. He is kind and empathetic to others and works very hard on his art projects, playing guitar, and volunteer work.

We are very happy to announce our May Super Star!

Congratulations to Ricky!

Ricky has a wonderful relationship with everyone, and he shows this by always being happy when you see him! He has a strong spirit of enthusiasm, and it translates through his life successes. He was specifically nominated because he has a spirit of excitement for learning new exercises, and he never gives up when things are difficult. He always perseveres with the encouragement of peers and coaches. Plus, he is a recent Gold Medalist from the Special Olympics!

Ricky, this High-Five is for you! Keep up the good work!

If you know of know of a Super Star that you'd like to nominate, please email a brief description as to why they should be a NF Super Star and send us a photo of them.  

All submissions can be emailed to lstuart@nfhcs.org.